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Sound Design

2014-08-27 17:19:38 by KoSound

All the info is here at KoraMusic

As you can see we're working on a sound design library for use in all you ruffs projects - 

Listen to some of the sounds in the library




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2014-09-01 03:14:48

If it's decent quality I think everyone would love anything you have to offer. Not enough royalty-free sound effects out there that are of great quality. People usually have to go to websites that host sound effects under all kinds of licenses which costs the user more time as they sift through them all - so if all the sounds on your website were royalty-free (and of good quality) you would see a lot of traffic.

KoSound responds:

Oh yeah we're not pulling anything, all the sounds are designed to the quality of full featured productions. It takes a lot of time, but we think it'll be worth it. The sounds on that portfolio are actually some of the sounds that will end up in the library!


2014-09-03 15:58:38

If you are going to offer them for free and you have a lot you should think of hosting your own website so you can at least made some ad revenue from all of the traffic. Might not be much but it's something to help out with all your efforts. Depends how many audio files you have to determine if it would be worth the effort to create a website. Just an idea.

Best of luck to you!

KoSound responds:

Hey Hero! You're right, we do have a website already prepared to host the audio and some background when it comes out. We wont be putting any ads or making any amount of money off this project though. All the sounds are studio quality and would make much more rev if sold to a production so we want to just give them out without the complication.
Thanks for the support!


2014-09-03 18:56:02

Ah that's very noble. Hopefully people care to credit you in their credits if they use your sounds. I'll be sure to do so if I use any. Any idea when the full library will be up on your website?

KoSound responds:

Well so far there are quite a few sounds in it ranging a lot of genres so it's definitely already a strong resource for essential sfx already. It's not complete in the sense that it's just not full yet.

Although it's not on public release on the website it is still open to creators to use even now! Not all the sounds are in, but the ones that are have been designed close to the final mix. If you or anybody is interested in using them just msg me what project it's going into and I can gather up the appropriate sounds!


2014-09-04 16:28:33

Awesome! If you play my two games you will notice that they are very simple. I've only been learning to program since the start of the year. Each game I make is intentionally simple as I make them to practice learning so new code - go on to the next game idea centered around more new code and repeat. Until I have enough knowledge of programming where I can spend a long time on a single game I will continue to pump out games often - which constantly makes me looking for new sound effects as I don't like the idea of having the same sounds in all my games.

In short, when I figure out what my next project is I will message you guys :)